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  • Citygreen_Stratavault

    Gen VI Stratavault

    How they work Stratavault™ cells are modular units that assemble to form a skeletal matrix that supports pavement loads while providing large volumes of soil within the structure for root growth.

    Why? To provide larger, healthier, more drought resistant trees in cities, while protecting pavements from root damage.

    Compressive load Stratavault modules have been designed to support enormous vertical loads, so that tree root systems can be brought closer to the pavement surface.

    Apertures This sixth generation Root Cell has very generous apertures for root growth, without sacrificing the structural integrity of the matrix. Stratavault apertures are large enough to permit some common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems to be incorporated within the structure. Stratavault structural modules are made from 100% post industrial waste, thereby utilising material that could have been consigned to landfill.

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  • urban forestry

    Gen V Stratacell

    We didn’t stumble upon the world’s strongest structural cell by chance. Our proactive, hands-on design team is constantly testing, reviewing, and exploring the possibilities, pushing the boundaries, in green technology and structural engineering.

    We now have the Gen V Stratacell™ – ideal for water harvesting and urban tree planting systems. Unrivalled in strength, installation speed, and nesting capabilities; this module is like no other. The high strength series is in fact up to three times stronger than any other similar product on the market.

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  • ReRoot Illustration

    ReRoot 600/1000

    ReRoot 600 and ReRoot 1000 products are ribbed root barriers designed for the protection of paved surfaces, shallow service ducts and utilities.

    Why ribs? Everyone knows that tree roots are unpredictable. Upon encountering a wall or barrier they can go in any direction, and can actually form a knot or swirl – known as ‘root swirl’ – which not only limits the chances of a sending the roots away from trouble, but also weakens the structural integrity of the root system and impacts upon the health of the tree. The ingenious idea of introducing vertical ribs many years ago solved alot of these problems and effectively guides tree roots down below the surrounding pavement and away from services, roadways and building infrastructure.

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  • Arborguy Illustration


    The Arborguy has many advantages over tree staking and is suitable for all sizes of root-balled trees. The rootball is held securely in position by driving three anchors into the base of the tree pit and then fastening a ratchet strap. If required, the system can be re-tensioned at a later date. Once installed, this product is completely below ground and provides structural support for a newly planted tree during the establishment phase.

    Are these anchors strong enough? – Absolutely! In fact; each one of the three vertical ground anchors can withstand up to 1340 kilos of upward pressure!

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