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Citygreen add Brandmeier Green Walls to product range


We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the Brandmeier green wall trellis system into Citygreen’s range of green building products in the next few months – Adding a new dimension to your urban landscape designs.

Greening of facades, pergolas and garden spaces is an ecologically sound method of taking your project beyond the ordinary. Greening of compacted urban landscapes and brownfield sites has an ever increasing importance.

The Brandmeier trellis range offers a radical and effective range of components manufactured from marine grade stainless steel. A wealth of experience in the product field has led to a range of high quality brackets which can be utilised to create radical designs – exuding architectural flare before the plant is matured and leading onto the softening and ecological statement offered by a fully established green wall.

Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information.


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